Tonogai Law



My name is Shuji Tonogai, representative attorney of Tonogai Law.

While the work of lawyers is to provide answers to legal issues and to help clients in their business and lives, I believe that lawyers should not be just providers of legal knowledge.

Now, if you search on the Internet, you have enough legal knowledge. Lawyers are required not only to have legal knowledge, but also to propose "optimal" solutions that can be selected "now" to "this matter" of "this person (company)." In order to make such a proposal, if the client is a company, it is necessary to have a keen sense of business from the point of view of the manager, and to make decisions that take into account not only the near-term profits and losses, but also the future vision of the company. In addition to applying the matter to the legal framework, I believe that "The future of legal services" is by providing comprehensive management support that is not bound by the legal framework. It is sometimes necessary, of course, to tell our clients that they can't do what they want without compromising to your clients as a lawyer.

Individual clients often do not have enough legal knowledge and do not know what solution is best for them. In such cases, lawyers should not only explain the advantages and disadvantages of the options available, but also support the choices from the perspective of what to do if they were the parties.

I think that the abilities necessary for such lawyers are not only legal knowledge, but also the ability to see things from a broad perspective like a corporate manager, and to think from a human standpoint, that is, "integrity as a human being."
In order to acquire knowledge as a lawyer, deepen knowledge in a wide range of fields, and improve integrity as a human being, I would like to strive to be a lawyer who can be trusted by clients by studying fields other than the law and actively engaging in interactions and study with corporate managers, other professionals, and people from different industries on a daily basis.

We provide necessary and appropriate legal support to our corporate and individual clients in order for them to smoothly carry out their business and to live happily in their lives. The ultimate goal of us is to eliminate the anxiety of companies and individuals and to provide an environment in which they can discover their own values and play an active role in society.

As I have been involved in a number of international affairs as a lawyer, we would like to proactively provide assistance so that Japanese companies can play an active role in the world and legal support for foreign companies and foreigners to play an active role in Japan. As the Japanese population decreases in the future, Japanese companies are expected to expand their activities to other countries around the world. In Japan, the presence of foreign companies and foreigners has become even greater, and I believe that ensuring access to justice without having to feel language barriers will be a major force supporting Japan's vitality.

As a legal specialist, we would like to provide strong support so that companies and individuals can play an active role in society and enhance their value without feeling anxiety.

Our Philosophy

In addition to providing a tenporary solution to the legal problem at hand to companies and individual clients, we always want to find the best solution for clients from a longer-term perspective.

To this end, it is necessary, in case of a corporate client, to fully understand the business contents and environment of the company, and in case of an individual client, to fully understand the life and living conditions of that client. It is important to analyze and examine the real problems behind individual problems and their impact on the future through close communication.

Our goal is not just to provide information on laws, but to provide advice on what is really necessary for each client and to lead to true solutions. To this end, we are working to provide the best services by using the following three mottos:

[ Speed ]
It is not unusual to miss opportunities or expand disadvantages, whether in business or in personal conflicts. Some believe that lawyers' work should not be hasty, and that it is good to provide reliable and accurate advice over time. However, speed is the most important thing in any job, and the emphasis on speed does not mean that the content is neglected. In the event of a request for a project, we will promptly respond to an inquiry and provide an answer of whether or not the project can be accepted by e-mail or telephone, and the cost of the project to be accepted, and inform the client of the future flow and the outlook for the time required. It is very anxious for clients to know when to receive their answers. We believe it is important to show the prospects for resolution promptly and to eliminate the anxiety of clients as much as possible.
[ Communication ]
No matter how much legal knowledge you have, you can't provide good advice unless you understand the background of the problem and your client's needs correctly. If we believe that the information obtained from our clients is inadequate, we will conduct further hearings to discover true problems. The fact that during the interview, the client did not think it was important and did not talk to the client before, was an important point in fact.
We are able to communicate with our clients as smoothly as possible by e-mail, phone calls, interviews, chat interactions, and television communications with remote clients. We are also responding to communication in English so that we can actively receive requests from foreigners and foreign companies.
[ Follow-Up ]
If one transaction is completed, another issue may arise at a later date. Our ideal is that the relationship will not be terminated by the completion of the requested project, but rather that it will be maintained with the client in a long-term relationship of trust.
We will conduct necessary follow-ups for not only the corporate clients that have concluded the advisory agreement but also other companies and individual clients even after the completion of the project. In the event that new problems emerge due to changes in the situation or the addition of new facts, we will deal with them as soon as possible to maximize the interests of our clients.
In order to ensure the effectiveness of our follow-up, the client is requested to report on the progress of the project after completion as appropriate.