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Corporate Clients

We strive to provide legal services to corporate clients on an ongoing and consistent basis, based on a thorough understanding of the nature of their business by lawyers.
We recommend that you enter into an advisory agreement to enable us to provide such services. For information on the advisory agreement, please refer to the following links.

The main services we provide to our corporate clients are as follows:

Corporate Legal Affairs

In addition to providing advice on corporate procedures under the Companies Act and preparing documents such as regulations and minutes, we are also consulting on various business laws and regulations that are necessary for smooth business operations.
In addition, we will provide advice on labor issues with their employees, resolve labor disputes, and provide advice on compliance at the company, collect debts, and manage crisis.

We would like to understand the day-to-day operations of our corporate clients and support them in a spirit of mutual growth and development. To this end, we will endeavor to maintain close communication on a daily basis so that our clients can immediately consult with us if they have any questions or anxieties.

We also deal with such corporate transactions as finance, real estate transactions and M&A.

Various Services of Contracts

Drafting and reviewing contracts constitute the majority of the normal business operations of the company in which lawyers are involved. Our experienced lawyers are responsible for preparing new contracts, reviewing proposed contracts from the counterparty, identifying risks, advising, and modifying them.

Contracts of the same type should all be different depending on the company or counterparty by which they are used, and it is not appropriate to use the model contract which is generally available. Contractual clauses are created based on the company's history and strengths, future business plans, and points that cannot be compromised by clients. They are then reviewed from a professional perspective, sometimes flexibly weakened by the business power relationship with the counterparty.

In preparing the contract, we will carefully listen to the facts behind the contract and endeavor to make the contract optimal for the business to be conducted by the client company. We will also explain the significance of the individual contract terms and the risks of receiving the proposal from the counterparty, if necessary.

In addition to various business agreements, such as sales contracts, lease contracts, loan agreements, subcontracts, distributorship agreements, service contracts, and manufacturing consignment contracts, we can handle all business agreements of corporate clients, including licensing agreements for intellectual property rights, terms and conditions for the sale of products or provision of services to consumers, and business alliances and joint ventures between companies.

We will also prepare, review, and revise contracts in English language and provide translation service of contracts between Japanese and English.

International Service

In business with overseas companies, the common sense of business between Japanese companies is sometimes not applied, and we feel that many Japanese companies suffer disadvantages in overseas business.

In particular, there are many cases of SMEs that have little experience of overseas business being forced to suffer a big loss or withdraw from overseas operations as a result of embarking on overseas expansion as an extension of domestic business.

There are many companies that do not want to spend on legal affairs because even the costs of overseas expansion are expensive. However, as a result of doing business overseas without receiving proper legal advice at the initial stage, they often suffer enormous losses or pay a large amount of additional costs.

We will provide the necessary support so that lawyers familiar with international transactions can work with our clients on how to expand overseas to meet the needs of client companies and do business that maximizes profits while reducing risks.

Specific legal services include preparing, reviewing, and modifying various English language contracts such as sales contracts, manufacturing consignment contracts, distributorship contracts, and licensing contracts with overseas companies, as well as providing advice on joint ventures, acquisitions and business alliances with overseas companies, and establishing overseas bases, as well as preparing related contracts.

We are connected with a large number of law firms in foreign countries, so we can work with overseas law firms as necessary to provide one-stop services to client companies, including advice on foreign law and implementation of foreign law procedures.

We also actively support the business development of foreign companies in Japan. Lawyers familiar with Japanese laws will provide necessary advice on the establishment and management of companies in Japan by foreign companies, prepare and translate regulations and documents in English, and help facilitate business in Japan.

Dispute Resolution

There is no one way to resolve legal disputes to which a company is a party. In some cases negotiating solutions can lead to better results than taking legal action. Conversely, it may be useful to take legal action to prevent damage from escalating rather than spending time on negotiations. In addition, it is even the best way to give up as a lesson rather than litigating or mediating over time or cost.

We will use our extensive experience to propose optimal dispute resolution methods for client companies, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, if there are multiple choices, and help client companies make the best choices and maximize profits and minimize losses.Dispute resolution methods include preparing a written notice by formal letter, negotiating by attorneys, carrying out judicial procedures such as litigation and mediation, compulsory execution, and filing a petition for provisional seizure or provisional disposition.

In accepting a case, we will fully explain the estimated costs and the prospects and possibilities of the case, and will use its best efforts to prevent unexpected results from occurring.

Seminars and Lectures

We are actively engaged in lecture activities at various seminars.
We will inform you of the schedule of lectures and seminars by our lawyers on the top page. If you are interested, please attend the lectures and seminars.

In addition, we also provide in-house seminars. Please use seminars on various topics as a study session on legal issues within the company and as part of education for employees.
If you are interested in in-house seminar by our attorneys, please feel free to contact us for schedules and expenses.