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Individual Clients

We provide various legal consultations to individual clients. We will give top priority to eliminating the anxiety of clients and providing a path to resolution. Based on this, we will propose an optimal solution from the standpoint of legal experts and encourage the decisions of clients.
Please refer to the following links for attorneys' fees for individual clients.

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The main services we provide to our individual clients are as follows:

Civil Cases of Individuals
Civil Cases of Individuals
We handle disputes related to real estate leases, consumer problems, labor problems, monetary troubles as well as claims for damages caused by traffic accidents, etc.
At the time of legal counseling, we will listen carefully to the facts that are considered to be related to the case and explain the available countermeasures and estimated costs. The first priority is to eliminate the anxiety of clients and to help them solve their problems as soon as possible to restore peace of mind in their lives.
Legal Counseling for Foreigners
Legal Counseling for Foreigners
We provide legal counseling related to the visa status and immigration procedures for foreign nationals residing in Japan as well as labor, family, and other civil issues and criminal cases involving foreign nationals.。
We would like to ensure that foreigners who have difficulties in accessing justice in Japan due to language problems can live in Japan with peace of mind.
Foreign nationals residing abroad can also consult with us through e-mail, chat, television calls, etc.
We provide legal counseling in Japanese and English.
Domestic Relations Cases
Domestic Relations Cases
We provide legal counseling on inheritance-related issues such as the creation of a will, the execution of a will, division of estates as well as family-related issues such as divorce, visitation or contacts with child and parental authority.
We are also focusing on international divorce, international inheritance, and so-called domestic relations cases in which foreigners are involved. We will also handle court proceedings under the Hague Convention for returning a child to the state where the child held his/her habitual residence in the case of his/her wrongful removal or retention.
Criminal Cases
We provide criminal defense in criminal proceedings (pre-prosecution/post-prosecution) in cases where your family member or acquaintance is suddenly arrested or detained or is prosecuted without arrest. We can also be an attendant to a juvenile case when a minor is guided, arrested, or referred to a family court without arrest.
In criminal cases, speed is the top priority. Upon receipt of a request for a case, we will respond promptly and strive to resolve the case as soon as possible.