Tonogai Law

Guide to Advisory Agreement

We recommend that a corporate client enter into an advisory agreement to enable us to quickly respond to requests and daily grasp of the company's management.
By paying monthly advisory fees, we will respond as a corporate legal adviser to consult with you about the Company's normal business, not only on a specific project. Your inquiries are not limited to meetings, but you can use the telephone, e-mail, etc. to make them easier.

What is Advisory Agreement

For a company, the advisory contract is similar to outsourcing of the legal work instead of hiring one legal representative. Our professional lawyers serve as corporate legal staffs for the development of your business.

Advisory fees associated with the advisory agreement are "costs" and "burdens" for the company, as long as the company considers it necessary to consult with lawyers for internal procedures. However, if you seek for our legal services in anticipation of future development in order to realize your corporate vision, it will be an “investment”. We would like to provide legal services that will lead to future investment for our corporate clients.

Advisory Fees

The monthly advisory fees will be determined after consulting with each company according to the size of the company, the nature of the business, and the contents and frequency of the consultation.

The Company will pay a fixed monthly advisory fee if it has consulted with us for several hours a month excluding the preparation or review of complex contracts. In the event of a case that exceeds normal business, the Company will separately agree to pay an attorney's fee.
The monthly advisory fee will be in general 50,000 yen (tax excluded), but we can flexibly determine the amount of advisory fee depending on the size of the company etc. In addition, the monthly advisory fee may be increased or decreased through consultation considering the total time of monthly consultation.

For corporate clients who have been consulting with us on specialistic contracts and regulations on an ongoing basis, we will charge them on a time charge basis for the amount exceeding the prescribed number of hours covered by the fixed monthly advisory fee after setting a fixed monthly advisory fee.
In this case, the predetermined number of hours that can be covered by the fixed advisory fee is more than the number of hours obtained by dividing the fixed monthly advisory fee by the time charge hourly rate. Therefore, it is more economical than simply calculating the fee on a time charge basis. It is also possible to set lower time charge hourly rate low by setting the fixed monthly advisory fee high.

monthly advisory fee of 50,000 yen for up to three hours and 30,000 yen per hour for the following hours (excluding tax)
100,000 yen for up to 7 hours and 25,000 yen per hour for the following hours (excluding tax)

In addition, even corporate clients that do not have business sites in the Kanto region can conclude an advisory agreement and consult with us on an ongoing basis. We would be pleased to help if a corporate client that wants to expand its business from a local area to overseas looks for a law firm that is well versed in international legal services.